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Roblox BedWars has released the fifth season of their Battle Pass, and along with it comes a variety of new additions to the game. One of these is known as The Void! If you can enter into this temporary dimension, you can harvest yourself some valuable crystals that will allow you to purchase powerful weapons and items. If you want to know how to get these Void Crystals, we’ll tell you in this guide!

Void Crystals

To get Void Crystals in BedWars, you need to wait for 6 minutes into your match. Once that time is up, a portal to the Void will open up temporarily. You then need to gather 30 iron, and interact with the portal. This will take you to the Void, where you can slay creatures to get Void Crystals!

As you close in on six minutes of your match, you will see an alert on the screen pop up to tell you that the Void is opening in a thirty seconds. This is when you should make sure you’ve got 30 iron in your inventory, so you can enter into the portal. This portal can be found right next to your item shop in the game.

The Void is only open for 3 minutes (180 seconds), so you have to get inside of it and make the most of it during that time. While in the Void, you can slay the creatures which will give you Void Crystals each time you do.

You can see all of this in action via this video:

Those are all the details you need for finding void crystals in the game! Learn more about Roblox BedWars by heading to our BedWars Commands List post.

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