It’s been a busy week for Chainlink. Last Friday, Chainlink Price Feeds went live on Solana mainnet, with quick integrations on the blockchain announced by UPFI and Apricot Finance. Chainlink staking was announced earlier in the week, and yesterday two Chainlink services, VRF and Keepers, went live on Avalanche.

Today, LonelyPop, an NFT collection and community centered around the artistic expression of loneliness, announced their integration of Chainlink VRF. VRF was integrated to help ensure a fair and verifiably random NFT reveal for LonelyPop NFT minters, ahead of the mint set to launch on June 14th.

VRF stands for Verifiable Random Function, a provably fair and verifiable random number generator (RNG) that enables smart contracts to access random values without compromising security or usability. VRF V2 was launched in February 2022, reducing transaction fees and empowering smart contract developers.

LonelyPop was created with the intention of raising awareness of the importance of mental health, and specifically the challenges of loneliness. The project was built with the endeavor to gather a community around the idea of being lonely together and joining the LonelyPop family, community, and ecosystem. The project’s goal is to help people make lifelong connections.

Noinah, an artist and co-founder of LonelyPop commented on the Chainlink VRF integration.

“Chainlink VRF is the standard solution for NFT projects that need a secure source of randomness,” said Noinah. “It checks all the boxes, from verifiability to transparency and security. It gives our team peace of mind and inspires confidence from our community that we truly believe in creating a fair and robust system for this LonelyPop NFT mint.”

Chainlink VRF is regularly used in blockchain gaming and NFT minting to promote transparency and fairness while definitively proving that the RNG being used is truly random and can’t be manipulated.

On Wednesday, Megaverse, a company seeking to redefine the metaverse, also announced their integration of Chainlink VRF to support fair Mega Hero NFT randomization.


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