Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the MFer themself Sartoshi is exciting the stage after announcing a transition of MFers to a community held DAO. He then proceeded to subvert the community with one final open edition moving nearly 1,000 ETH before their final curtain call.

The community is divided, not only on the mfers project, but also the open edition sartoshi released before disappearing into the metaverse late on the evening of 6/9/22.  In a down market like we’re in right now, these events suck liquidity from the market which compounds many of the downward trends we’re seeing in the NFT space.  Because NFTs haven’t broken through to the mainstream yet, many of these events are seen as setbacks for projects that are actively trying to build or innovate (especially 1/1 artists, NFT Games, and more).  I am personally a fan of the mfers as well as sartoshi, but I do agree with much of the critique that has been discussed on twitter and discord.

Sartoshi is an anonymous artist and influencer on twitter that previously released the mfers: “generated entirely from hand drawings by Sartoshi. the project is in teh public domain; feel free to use mfers any way you want.”

Sartoshi’s MFers have moved nearly 40k ETH since their inception and while there was no formal roadmap or discord a few fans came together and the community quickly began supporting the project and collectors in a meaningful way.


  • “sartoshi you need an official discord” – no, we don’t; mfers built one for mfers
  • “sartoshi you need to be in the discord as the leader” – no, i don’t…mfers are leading their own ways (but im happy to get the word out about many mfer creations and ideas)
  • “sartoshi you need a roadmap” – no, mfers are paving their own roads
  • “sartoshi you should do paid promos” – no, mfers move organically
  • “sartoshi you need to send free mfers to this influencer or that celebrity” – no, those mfers are mfers just like us, mfer
  • “sartoshi we need to get more people to change their pfp to mfers” – no, people will do it if they feel like it
  • “sartoshi nobody should sell mfers below a certain price” – no, mfers do what they want…we all mfers and they still mfers
  • “sartoshi what’s the utility?” – mfers are the utility mfer…it’s like a cryptopunk but you can build whatever you want with it
  • “sartoshi will the floor go up?” – idk mfer
  • “sartoshi my kid can draw that u suck i hate nfts i hate u too” – lol cheers mfer

Sartoshi is following the inspiration behind the famed anonymous founder of BTC Satoshi who famously disappeared from the lexicon. However, Satoshi didn’t suck liquidity out of hte market one final time.

With Sartoshi leaving the ecosystem it will be interesting to see what happens but they announced three big things.

  • the six mfer giveaway is still in effect.
  • final artwork & end of sartoshi.
    • The open edition was released for .069 ETH

You can follow the Officially unofficial mfers who have taken the project over here.




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