It’s now June of 2022, and AMD’s new AGESA 1207 microcode has made it to the vast majority of AM4 motherboards on the market – both old and new. This update includes fixes for the infamous fTPM stuttering bug and includes full Ryzen 5000 series CPU support on all older generation AM4 motherboards, including the 300 series and 400 series. Here is a breakdown of the current situation with AGESA 1207 and how motherboard vendors are implementing it.

But before we start, here’s a quick rundown on the situation with the microcode bug AGESA 1207 fixes. In March, AMD announced that it had identified a severe stuttering issue on Ryzen systems that was solely related to the Trusted Platform Module. The issue would cause Ryzen systems to stutter or freeze temporarily. The problem is made even worse because TPM support is mandatory for Windows 11.

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