With Berkshire move, Prince William, Kate to face allegations of wasting public money on Kensington Palace

The reports that Prince William and Kate Middleton would take up residence in Berkshire have sparked a debate in the British media.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are set to move to a house on the Queen’s Windsor estate this summer – leaving behind Kensington Palace as their main residence.

William and Kate leave Kensington Palace, which has been their main residence since 2017.

The reports regarding the couple’s decision to move out of London have raised eyebrows in the UK.

Commenting on the reports, journalist Robert Jobson said, I was told personally and categorically by a senior aide to the Duke when millions of public money was spent on Kensington Palace and Apt 1A for the Cambridges’ that it would be their base when William became heir to the throne. Is that now changing with the move to Berkshire?.

Daily Mail reported that the royal couple will retain their property at Kensington the pair will retain their property at Kensington Palace as their London home despite moving to Berkshire. 

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