British comedian star Simon Pegg has revealed that his longtime friend Tom Cruise never accepts the responsibility for a mistake, a tactic he use to maintain his authority.

The comedian 52, revealed how it is to work with the War of the Worlds, explaining that the  actor  ‘categorically denies’ his mistakes and won’t even apologize when the truth of his mistake is revealed.

In an interview with The Times, Pegg, who has known Cruise, 59, for around 16 years, revealed that the American Made star ‘flatly denies’ any faults of his own.

“If something goes wrong and it’s his fault, he’ll flatly deny it. And then if someone corrects him, instead of saying sorry, he’ll just say, “Yeah,” and wink at me,” he added.

He further added that Cruise ‘maintains his authority by never being to blame for anything.’

Pegg will be seen alongside Cruise in the upcoming installments of Mission Impossible franchise.

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