Shakira shows Gerard Pique what he is missing

Shakira and star  Jerard Pique recently announced  their separation amid reports that  the star footballer was having an affair with anther woman.

Shakira has shown no sign of slowing down after parting ways with the love of her life and father of her children.

The diva, who is followed by more than 74 million people on Instagram, is dancing her way out of the pain she might have suffered due to Jerard Pique’s alleged affair.

Without giving any attention to the news about her separation and negative coverage about what may have led to it, the Columbian singer was recently seen dancing with Nick Jonas on “Dancing with Myself”.

Thousand of people reacted to her videos with Nick Jonas and praised her for her energy with which she dances.

Many fans were of the view that Shakira appeared to show her ex-partner what he is missing by posting her pictures and videos.

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