Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were reportedly left alone and ‘completely ignored’ during the Queen’s Jubilee.

This observation has been presented by The Mirror’s Royal Editor Russel Myers, in his interview with Sunrise.

He was quoted saying, “Prince Harry might be a bit perturbed from what happened because he was completely ignored.”

“There were some pictures of them keeping a low profile at Trooping the Colours, the first event on the Thursday of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.”

“There were some long lenses of them mixing with the family, Meghan looking quite forlorn on her own,” he also added.

“When I was just sitting a few feet away from Harry and Meghan, when William and Kate came in, and Charles and Camilla, there was no eye contact whatsoever.”

“We also understand that was the only time they saw the family, there was no celebrations, there was no going round for tea and cake.”

Before concluding he also added, “It seems things are very, very frosty still. If Harry was looking for some sort of piecemeal, he was a long way off that.”

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