Meghan Markle dubbed sick by British author: Job done

Meghan Markle admirers are taking a swipe at author for a writing piece on ‘unattractive qualities’ of the Duchess.

In an article, written by Andrew Neil, the Duchess of Sussex is branded ‘insane’ and PR hungry after her Texas visit for Robb school students.

‘The unremarkable Meghan Markle’ reads: “Flying with staff, bodyguard and camera crew to a private airfield near Uvalde, she was whisked into a black van, amply photographed, and home before dark, job done, it’s a wrap.

“Was this some strange, sick, unspeakable parody of a royal visit? What the hell was it?” the author continued.

“Is she insane? Not exactly, although many of her least attractive qualities are tucked into the DSM-5,” the artcle further mocked.

Responding to the article, many jumped in to save Meghan from the dissing remarks.

“Seriously, what is your problem with her, move on,” wrote one.

“Seems he suffers from the same complaint Piers Morgan does,” wrote another while a third added: “Neil and Piers are obsessed with her.”

“Wow. If I never read that author again, it’ll be a blessing,” concluded one.

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