Katie Price shared a cryptic message on social media that grabbed her fans’ attention straightaway.

The former glamour model turned to a photo-video sharing platform to reveal she has ‘turned a corner and is ‘getting rid of evil human beings’ after Carl Woods’ ‘threatening behaviour’ charge was dropped.

It’s not clear exactly who Katie, 44, was talking about but her words came five hours after Carl took to Instagram to reveal he would be talking more about what has been going on.

On Monday, Carl, 33, shared a heavily filtered video of himself saying: ‘Oi, do you know what, today is a wicked day for me.

‘Do you remember that bulls*** case, the one that was full of lies, making me out to be a woman beater, that one, I’m sure you all remember it because I certainly do, I told everybody it was b*****s and I got untold abuse over it.

‘Well now it’s been proven to be the s**t that it was and guess what that means, it is my turn, MY turn to talk. And let me tell you, get the f***ing popcorn ready because I am not going to hold back on this one.

‘I told you I had proof and believe you me, everything I’ve got is coming. And it is gonna be an absolute blinder.’

Carl is yet to reveal any more information but he then posted the song Exposure, before holding up a bag of popcorn.

The reality star, 44, then posted herself and wrote: ‘Honestly, my lucky numbers keep coming, good things are suddenly happening too.

‘I’ve so turned a corner on how I view things and act upon things now that being positive and getting rid of evil human beings I had in my life has also made a massive impact too. Out with the old and stay with loyals.’

Katie Price leaves fans wondering with cryptic post about ‘evil human beings’

Then on Tuesday, Carl took to social media and posted once again: ‘A person who doesn’t defend you, while someone slanders you, is your enemy too.’

Katie Price leaves fans wondering with cryptic post about ‘evil human beings’

On Monday, Carl said he is ‘relieved’ after his charge of threatening behaviour was dropped by investigators.

He was charged following a highly publicised row with Katie in August last year.

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