After launching with much anticipation, MoD seems to have fallen off the cliff due to its many launch issues. Player count was increasing in the first two days after its launch as “cheaters” and “bots” were manipulating the cracks in the token economy.

It took about a week or so for the MoD team to fix the issues and the development team has been busy and diligently rolling out new features week after week. For this valiant effort, the entire MoD team deserves a huge applause. MoD’s token economy is on a slow mend as well.

Our team has been playing MoD since its launch on April 26, 2022. So, to ask the question whether is it worth playing, one has to ask what is the objective of playing MoD? Is it to earn? Is it for entertainment like what games are about? Or, perhaps, a combination of both?

We believe for a game to be successful, regardless if one can earn or not, that game has to be fun. Essential components like immediate gratification, goals, etc must be present. We are glad to state that MoD does checks-off the fun component. After all, if a game is not fun, the long tail survivability of the game would be in question.

Next, can one really earn from MoD? This is a rather tough question to answer. In our game plays, selling resources immediately after mining runs would most of the time generate losses. We calculated based on earnings less paying for mining rents and gas fees. However, if one is to have a “trader” mindset, hoarding resources and timing its sales, one would be able to make a profit. Our team did just that and some sales with huge profits as well. MoD has an internal Decentralised Exchange (DEX) for its resources. Like a stock market, the prices move up and down according to supply and demand.

So, yes, MoD is definitely worth playing for both its entertainment value and the inherent bonus that one can also earn from the resources mined – just to do it smartly at the right time.

Mines of Dalarnia will soon be releasing its PvP (Player versus Player) feature and we believe this will level up its “stickiness” as a game and gives a huge boost to its token economy. After all, PvP in all games satisfies players’ needs for gratification and ego-boosting, as well as creating a natural currency sink for its economy.

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